violet jelly

Because my phone went in the laundry on one particularly bad Saturday morning… and because I still haven’t spent the money on a new camera (am using an old phone that takes lousy pictures), I have no pictures of this great idea to show you.  I’m so glad Prairieland Herbs has pretty pictures… just pretend my pictures would have looked just like theirs.

Last week while at a softball game, a few of us moms were talking and one of my friends mentioned that her family had made violet jelly that week.  I thought it sounded intriguing and so I did a little internet searching and found this recipe, complete with directions and pretty pictures…

I couldn’t find liquid pectin at our local Kroger store, so I looked a little further and found this recipe at…,1723,146174-249197,00.html

By combining the pictures and directions of the first recipe and the ingredients in the second recipe, we were able to make violet jelly yesterday.  It has A LOT of sugar in it and thus, it is very sweet!  And, in Ellen’s words “it’s delectable on toast!”

It also looks pretty in the little jelly jars that I had left over from years ago.  I’m planning on using it for gifts in the coming year and may even make another batch before the violets all disappear.

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