eucharisteo from the muddy soul…

I’ve moved to the shadows… the sunrise was gorgeous this morning and now so bright it’s hard to read the screen on my computer.  I moved over just enough to protect my eyes but to allow my soul to drink in the light… the warmth… the joy of sunshine.

To say it’s been rainy here in Northern Indiana would be akin to saying it’s hot in the Sahara.  We have had a VERY wet spring and the current forecast promises more rain.  For today, though, the air is cool, the breeze is refreshing and the coffee is hot while I sit and soak up some of this blessed sunshine.

I feel as if my soul has experienced a rainy spring as well.  I’ve experienced God’s grace poured down upon my life but haven’t always opened my soul to soak it in.  I’ve been sporadic in my time in the Word… some days hurried, some days not at all.  So, instead of my soul blooming and flowering from His rain, it feels muddy… grimy… gritty.  

On this Multitude Monday, I’m counting His gifts of grace with the grace community at Ann’s.  I’m slowly learning that when I count the gifts of grace He showers down, I open my soul wider and wider to receive. And, an open soul blooms and flowers… 

… for a God who deals with muddy hearts
… for the breath of His Spirit that restores
… for the forgiveness bought for me by His Son
… for unlimited grace
… for showers of blessings

… for a new truck after 6 months of searching
… for breakfast with Papa
… for the smile on my man’s face all weekend
… for the promise of cousin time in less than 2 weeks!
… for a spontaneous dinner with friends last night

… for a great ending to a fun track season
… for the ability to see the man in the 14 year old body
… for God’s timing and knowing it was time to send that man cub to school
… for His direction
… for the occasional glimpses of the child still in that 6′ body

… for the girl who will be 12 on Friday
… for the fact that she is more and more a young woman after God’s own heart
… for her help around the house
… for her eyes that more and more often see what needs to be done
… for her love for her sister

… for the giggles of the 7 year old
… for the endless songs of her heart
… for my heart that whispers “thank you LORD!” as she reads in a clear voice
… for her prayers for our friend, John, who is not well
… for her snuggles

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1 thought on “eucharisteo from the muddy soul…

  1. My soul has been in a rainy season lately too which means I've had lots of opportunities to practice hard eucharisteo. I don't think I've ever told you how much I apppreciate you introducing me to One Thousands Gifts. I'm about halfway through the book but have already counted to over 500 gifts of my own. It's been life changing. Thanks! Have a blessed day!

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