…once again, I wish I had a page full of pictures…

It’s a holiday weekend… and a cousin weekend.  When I was a kid, my favorite place was my Uncle Dave and Aunt Sally’s farm… my children’s favorite place is their Uncle Dave and Aunt Gabe’s home.  As we drove into Wisconsin, Emme informed us that we should call this state “Wis-cousin” and I think I agree.   Wis-cousin is my children’s favorite state in the Union.  

Wisconsin is a lovely state but to us, it simply means cousins… Drew, Jake, Leslie, Annie and Lydia.  It means a big house and a huge backyard.  It means jumping on the trampoline and making volcanoes in the sandbox.  Wis-cousin means creating a mammoth water slide and late night sleep togethers.  

It seems each year something new is added to the Wis-cousin memory bank.  This year we added the other 3 cousins… Jenna, Truman and Audrey to the Wis-cousin weekend.  We also added a 3 day backpacking trip that the boys are on with their Uncle Steve and Aunt Susy.  Three days of wilderness in southern Wisconsin… packin’ it in and packin’ it out… sleeping in a 3 sided shelter and learning to lead the way.  Today is day 3.  Tomorrow morning we pick them up at the end of their trail.  I can not wait to hear all about it!

Today, I’m joining the gratitude community at Ann‘s again… grateful for these and much MUCH more on this Memorial Day Multitude Monday

… for those who have given their life for my freedom
… for the freedom to worship and praise my Savior
… for the freedom to raise my children in the nurture and admonition of the LORD
… for the freedom to come and go and to travel
… for the freedom to be together

… for Wis-cousin
… for life long memories made in the living together for a few days
… for life long best friends named cousins
… for late night giggles
… and for early morning breakfasts

… for a family that loves one another
… for brother in laws who accommodate 
… for sisters
… for team work
… for conversation on the deck

… for sweet baby snuggles
… for funny 2 year old conversations
… for group hugs
… for learning how to work things out
… for a weekend of finishing projects

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