the other side of tomorrow…

The years know
what the days could not see.
Eric 2000

Time is elusive.  Holding on to it is like nailing Jello to a tree… try as you might, you just can’t do it.  

I have memories of my grandmother looking at the 20-something Heidi wistfully… reminding me that I was young and had my entire life before me.  “Time flies” she would often say. 

While I hope I said something polite, kind and relatively intelligent, my heart thought, “Are you kidding me?  There’s always tomorrow!
Jake, Drew and Eric 2000
It’s amazing what time looks like on this side of tomorrow… 
Truman 2011

I spent the weekend with a special little boy.  He’s two and a half.  He’s precocious.  He’s lively.  He’s incredibly intelligent.  He’s beautiful.  He is 100% boy!  He reminds me of another boy or two I once knew.

Truman 2011

Spending the weekend with my nephew, Tru, brought back many memories to this Mama’s heart.  Memories of Eric playing with his 2 BFF’s, his cousin’s Drew and Jake.  Memories of little boy times with cars, Rescue Heroes, Thomas the Train and football.  Memories that on this side of tomorrow don’t seem that far away… until I realized that tomorrow is Eric’s last day of middle school.

Jake, Drew and Eric backpacking for 3 days with Uncle Steve and Aunt Susy 2011

There is always another side to tomorrow.  For Eric, it’s high school… football, finals and fiascos.  I excited for all that Eric will do, see, learn and become.  I’m thrilled to see the man that God will shape him into being.  

Eric 2011

…and on the other side of tomorrow, I will miss the boy of today.

**most of these pictures respectfully stolen from my very talented sister at in the details 

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1 thought on “the other side of tomorrow…

  1. Sniff, sniff, sweet Heidi! This is a beautiful post reflecting the depth of a Mama's love.

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