on laughter and family…

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter
   and your lips with shouts of joy.
Job 8:21

…my 21 1/2 most favorite people in all the world!

We gathered, this weekend, to celebrate 45 years of marriage, 42 Father’s Days and 14 years of birthdays.  In two very large, very nice suites we lived together… in complete and utter mayhem. For one weekend, immediate family’s lines blurred and blended into beautiful chaos.

These truly are my favorite people.  We’ve lived, loved and laughed together.  And it is the laughing together that is the ab.so.lute favorite part of my life!

All I could pray today was “thank You! thank You! thank YOU!!”

Thank You for another weekend of laughter and family...

…late night giggles of 6 girls all in a bunk room together 
…teen boy humor
…the tickle-me-giggle of the newest member
…hearing my dad’s deep laugh
…laughing so hard tears run freely
…joy in watching the 2 yr old share his breakfast with Grandma
…having fun at an old-time photo session
…and making fun of the results
…waterslide squeals
…water cannon wars
…splashing with little ones
…floating and chatting
…nieces waterslide requests “Puh.leez Aunt Heidi!”
…late night encouragement
…brother in law humor
…the 3 inseparable mancubs
…2 year old kisses
…cousin love
…built-in babysitters
…one last lunch together
…life long memories
…beautiful chaos

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2 thoughts on “on laughter and family…

  1. Love this. . .it was truly a blessed weekend!BTW. . .I did read your last review. Thought you handled it well. Hard to review something you don't like.

  2. Wow…sounds like an awesome weekend! Thanks for sharing your beautiful list.

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