iced coffee, anyone?

After an incredibly busy and blessed holiday weekend, it’s Tuesday… which means {virtual coffee} with Amy.   Care to join me?  I’ll be the one sipping contentedly on an iced coffee with sweet Italian cream and monopolizing the entire conversation…. 

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, I would tell you that this whole iced coffee thing is new to 2011.  I’ve always hated coffee… until now.  Apparently, at 42, you can still learn a few new tricks.  An iced coffee a day keeps the grumpies away for this mama!  And, the sweet Italian cream is a trick I learned from my sister.  So glad it was on sale this last week!!

I have to be honest, I’m so glad we are meeting for coffee!  I’ve felt so out-of-the-loop for the past few weeks.  It’s 4H time here in our neck of the woods…’nuff said!  4H time tends to be crazy time.  In the end, it’s crazy fun time but… “this is the LAST year we will do this!” has been known to go through my mind a time or two.  Like all great things, though, watching my kids having so much fun is what drives me to do 4H year after year.  

Here’s a little secret though… I made an executive decision to opt out of a 4H event this morning.  Sometimes one has to say “enough is enough!”

I have GOT to tell you about the wedding reception that we attended this weekend. beautiful!  The wedding and reception were held at the home of the groom’s aunt and uncle.  They have a gorgeous home on one of our local lakes.  The reception was one of the most fun, most relaxed, most beautiful receptions I have ever been to.  While we danced and waited for the fireworks to be set off, we watched the spectacular lightening show that God put on in the skies above us.  The entire event was a powerful testimony to the goodness of God in the land of the living (Psalm 27:13).

We spent the second half of the weekend with friends.  Actually the same friends 2 nights in a row!  How fun is that?!?  Fireworks over the lake the first night and fireworks in the yard the second night… and homemade ice cream BOTH nights!! 

I love having fun at home!  However, my house surely looks like we’ve had a ton of fun.  There are dishes strewn and laundry overflowing.  And, as much as I would love to sit over coffee all day… I really should be somewhat constructive today and tackle the mess.  

Thanks for listening to me ramble today!  Join in at Amy’s!

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5 thoughts on “iced coffee, anyone?

  1. mess, shmess. . .who cares about messes in the summer?I am trying to wade through a weekend's worth of laundry. . .I might need to get off the computer if I am really going to accomplish anything.

  2. sadly kids in the UK have another 2 weeks at school…though we did have a nice, chilled out weekend :)thanks for the iced coffee (i'm happy to try it virually…) [hehe]

  3. Love iced coffee !! Sounds like an amazing weekend !! I love fireworks mixed with lighting. Thats what we had too !

  4. sounds like a great family weekend, i love doing things at home, too. and iced coffee sounds great in this weather, thanks!

  5. Sounds like the days are wonderful, Heidi! Hmm, iced coffee? I just don't know, but you've encouraged me to think about it. I don't like coffee either. I think it's great your family does 4-H.

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