applying the brakes…

Sometimes the hardest thing for this Mom to do is to apply the brakes in my kids’ lives and slow us all down from time to time.  

Usually Mom’s foot on the brake pedal of life is not well received in these parts.  In fact, quite the opposite is typically the case.  Most times… bargaining, tears and sometimes even gnashing of teeth is what I receive when I say “no! You can not do one more thing.”   Usually….

This evening, though, I was given a precious gift by one who is growing up faster than I can fathom.  After weeks of 4H projects and deadlines… late nights and early mornings… and a day that included 3 hours of dressing, brushing, washing and blow drying a llama as well as a long accordion practice this afternoon, I stepped in said “no more”.  The response I got… “I’m okay with that.  Thanks Mom!”

Applying brakes and slowing life down is not always easy or popular but often my kids need me to step in and do it for them.  In the midst of the mayhem, it’s not easy for them to see or find a way to slow life down.  It seems there is always ONE MORE fun thing to do.

… just like me.  I rarely can see the brakes or where to reach for the pedal when all 5 of us are living at breakneck speed.  Just like my kids, I need someone to apply the brakes for me… to slow me down… to stop and see what is important… to remember there are many good things to do in life, but am I choosing the best things?

Tomorrow morning we will rise early and journey to a graveside service.  Emily will play her accordion with 4 other girls and we will all gather round as we honor a life that has come to its earthly end.  This time together will be a good reminder of slowing down… seeing what is important… choosing the best things.

…and choosing the best things in life sometimes requires using the brake pedal.

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