from 3 to 1…

Last year, at this time, I was homeschooling three kids.  Seven years of experience and I was in a groove.  Honestly, I considered myself a career homeschool mom and was looking toward high school curriculum and courses.  And then… Eric went to public school in January… and I taught two children at home.

Last month, at this time, I was homeschooling two kids.  My new Rainbow Resource catalogue came and I dog-eared page after page… looking specifically for curriculum to fill in the few gaps that I had left to fill.  I passed the catalogue on to a friend and assumed we would combine our order.  And then…

Yesterday I sat at a friend’s kitchen table discussing homeschool co-op and making plans when I got this call… “Emily has won a free year of tuition at Lakeland Christian Academy from the drawing at the Fair.  Would you be interested in making an appointment to discuss this opportunity?”

…and today, she is enrolled for 7th grade at our local Christian school and in less than one year I have gone from homeschooling 3 to homeschooling 1.

It’s amazing how He works!
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2 thoughts on “from 3 to 1…

  1. Wow!!!I'm speechless. . .but then again you probably are to!

  2. Very awesome! ~charlene

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