summer nights and the Northern Lights…

I  have an extended list of things I want to experience in this life and the aurora borealis–the Northern Lights–is on that list.  I dream of someday sitting on the shores of Lake Superior wrapped up all warm gazing at the colors dancing across the jet black sky.

Back to reality… I live in northern Indiana, not northern Michigan.  I could sit on the shores of our little inland lake any time I want, but it’s not Superior in any way, shape or form.  However, this is where we have chosen to rear our children and I love this little community.  And I dream…

Restless and up late last night, I saw a friend’s facebook status that mentioned the aurora forecast for August 5.  Due to a large geomagnetic storm, forecasters predicted that the Northern Lights would be visible south to Indianapolis and possibly even as south as St. Louis.  Well, now…. 

A quick text to a friend… “r u awake?”… in the country and I was out the door fully expecting to be blessed by visions of heavenly splendor.  Sunroof open at 12:15 a.m., windows down, radio on,  I gazed and praised while I drove to Annie’s house.   

After all these years, I still stand amazed at how my God works.  Two mothers standing next to a field for an hour watching the sky.  The sky didn’t hold the wonder I expected.  Instead, the company did.  Quality time with a friend… a friend I have missed because we both live busy lives.  Time slowed in the cool night air. 

Returning home at 2:00 a.m. I gazed and praised again…. only differently.  Gazing at the stars and praising the One who put them each in place.  Marveling at friendships that span years… this one, almost a decade.  Praising the One who puts friendships in my life and how He orchestrates them… even in at the edge of a field on a cool summer night.

Categories faith, friendship

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