the perils of iced coffee…

A few years ago, I was able to purchase my dream… a macbook.  I love my little white computer and it often goes where I go.  Though it has a few battle scars, it’s held up remarkably well… even to iced coffee.

Yes!  Just about an hour ago, I dumped iced coffee in my lap and on mac.  Not a good idea.  In fact, bad… very, very bad idea!  Though my lap caught most of the coffee, a good amount did get on my computer.  Not good.

Often, I use my little corner of the blogosphere to shout out praise to God… thanking Him for the gifts in the everyday.  Well, if you all could here me now… I am praising Him!   

For a reason, known only to Him, my computer still works.  I took the back off, let it dry and voila, here we go.  Seriously, this is a gift.  Plain and simply a gift from above…

He protected my computer from the perils of iced coffee and daily He protects me from myself!

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2 thoughts on “the perils of iced coffee…

  1. Very glad to hear that iced coffee (which is usually such a wonderful thing!) was not the undoing of your computer. Praising Him with you!

  2. My be a family thing. . .clumsiness that is!Glad there was no per abate damage!

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