stopping to count…

Its been a long time since I’ve joined the community at Ann’s to count gifts.  In fact, I’m not even sure what number I am on.  But its not about the number, its about recognizing His hand in my every day, every minute, everything.   And, so I continuing listing gifts…

… colored pens
… a quiet morning
… a clean living room
… a calendar filled with events in different colors
… toast

… a freshman field trip
… football
… bedding drying on the rail of the deck
… a week to compile Walk It… Talk It… 2011
… spending less than $3 for a new backpack and lunch box 

… finding a stadium seat for less than $5
… the freedom to go to the store by myself
… learning more and more of myself 
… discovering the leadership potential in my 2 year old nephew
… a fun lunch with my brother and sister

… learning to let go of the future and trust the Eternal
… lunch with a friend this week
… the people God has placed in my life who know more than I do and are willing to teach me
… prayers of like-minded friends
… coffee with creme brulee creamer

… a second set of sheets
… the ease at which school glue washes out
… a dog who is worse than a 2 year old
… a DVD player in our vehicle
… a very first first day of school for the girl old enough to be in 7th grade

… hearing the sounds little boys make
… deep belly laughs
… little arms wrapped around my neck
… the heavy, sweet, sweaty smell of a sleeping boy
… relying on Strength greater than my own

Time is fluid and never stops moving.  When I stop moving and reach in to allow the river of time to flow over my hands and through my fingers, in the palm of my hand, I notice the sediment that is left behind… gifts.  I count without numbers, listing those gifts from Him that consume my days. 

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4 thoughts on “stopping to count…

  1. "relying on Strength greater than my own" YES! I'm praying this for loved ones.A lovely list:)Visiting from Ann's place,Blessings

  2. loving the idea of the sediment left behind. . .ah yes, the time that passes as quickly as water through our hands. . .how is it possible that we have high schoolers. . .still haven't quite wrapped my mind around that one! Or the fact that my baby goes to school this year!Praying for Em today!

  3. I'm joining you from Ann's place. I like to visit a few each week and pick a favorite gratitude. It would be hard on your list because I like them all. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful words…love the sediment that is left behind. Deep belly laughs and a sleeping boy.

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