straddling the fences…

I considered joining Amy for {virtual coffee} today but I can’t seem to get down for these fences I’m straddling… 3 to be exact.

Fence #1…

our local public high school

Yes, this is our local public high school.  Yes, it’s big… this picture is only part of the building.  Current enrollment is over 2,000 students.  This is where Eric spends his days.  His afternoons are spent on the football field.  Tonight is his first game.  He wore his away jersey to school today and forgot his lunch… I guess he remembered the important thing.

Fence #2…

our local Christian junior school & high school

This is Emme’s school.  Today was her first actual day of school, ever.  Seventh grade, here she comes.  Through the generosity of an unknown donor, she won a year’s tuition to this school.  She’s taking to school like a duck to water.  I will pick her up from volleyball practice tonight and she will eat supper on the way to Eric’s game.  Fortunately, she remembered her lunch.

Fence #3

Ellen at the library

And, this is fence #3, Ellen.  Ellen is home for school.  Although, right now we are at the library.  Nine years of homeschooling and I’m down to one.  I am looking forward to this year with Ellen and me…. field trips, chapter books, math facts.  I think we were given this gift of a year together…a year of learning and discovering.  She’s not so convinced.  I know the picture is dark, but seriously, can’t you just see the excitement on her face?  Maybe lunch will be a treat today….

The greatest challenge in straddling these three fences isn’t balancing 3 different schedules or attempting to make it to all the ball games.  The problem isn’t coordinating drop off and pick up times.  Instead, I find myself wondering “where do I fit in?”

Have you ever noticed how hot “education” is?  Women, especially, take the education of their children very seriously… and every single mother thinks she is right.  You know what?  She probably is… for her children.  However, a lot of us tend to think we know what is right for everyone.

This is where I am right now… hearing the voices of the opposed.  While not everyone has been opposed, it seems those who are are the loudest.  So, please don’t mind me as I sit her with my fingers in my ears singing “Jesus loves me, this I know!”  Would you mind passing up an iced vanilla latte?

I am confident of these two things… He does love me and I am straddling these fences for this school year because this is where He has led me to sit for a while.  

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5 thoughts on “straddling the fences…

  1. Good luck with the coming year!

  2. I imagine it will be a year learning even more about giving grace. Because how else can you answer people except to say. . .this, here in three schools is where God wants us. It isn't by choice or by conviction it only through His Grace that you are where you are. It could make for some interesting conversations!

  3. What you do with your children is between you, your husband, and the Lord. No one else has the knowledge or right to tell you what is right or wrong. You are where you are at for a reason. Just sayin'

  4. You are so encouraging, Heidi. It takes such strength and vision to do what the Lord is leading your family to do, esp. in the face of opposition. It sounds like the schools are a good fit for your children, and spending that one-on-one time with Emme will be such a blessing for you both! Life is such an exciting journey. Looking forward to catching up with your posts!

  5. Woops — I meant spending that time with ELLEN will be a blessing. 🙂

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