being still and waiting…

Psalm 46:10

In the midst of an 8th birthday, 3 princesses dancing into my bedroom at 6 a.m. and a tea-party breakfast about to commence, I’m finding my heart is finally still.  

I tend to be volcanic.  I suppress things, which, in turn, tend to build in my heart… in my mind… in my soul, until the pressure is so much that I explode.  It’s not pretty.  It’s actually quite messy.  It’s really not my best attribute.  

Last night was one such explosion.  Not the largest one to date and not the messiest but an explosion, nonetheless.  A night of heartache, tears, ranting to my man and tears again until I fell asleep worn out.  

At some point in that mess, Psalm 46 came to mind.  In the midst of the storm, I didn’t want those calming words.  I felt justified in my ranting and raving.  In the end, all I did was wear myself out.  

Faithfully, He whispered Psalm 46 to my soul in the dark this morning.  He calmed the storm… again.  My heart is still before Him.  Waiting. 
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2 thoughts on “being still and waiting…

  1. Heidi,I, too, am thankful for those time when the Holy Spirit reminds me to stop….and speak good words or calm down or whatever the need may be. I'm glad your heart was encouraged, and I pray you'll continue to be comforted by the truth that His mercies are new every morning.

  2. I love that verse and have it come to mind often.

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