when the tank is empty….

When my tank is empty, my brain leaves.  It’s just the way it is and I can’t explain this phenomena but it’s true… every single time.  I knew the tank was empty but yesterday proved it… I managed to wash my phone again and lock my keys in my car… all in the same day.

When my tank is empty, it’s time to refuel.  Time to get back to the basics and let everything else wait.   Time to rest, time to read, time to pray, time to count…

On this rainy Monday morning, I’m joining the community at Ann‘s again to count the gifts raining from Above…

…for the steady rain
…for time with Ellen
…for Laura Ingalls Wilder books to read aloud
…for a home ec day of making laundry soap, bosco sticks, apple pie chai and cleaning windows
…for laughter

…for friends who come to my rescue
…for a free new phone
…for a ride to school for Emme today
…for a school she loves
…for a great volleyball coach

…for friends
…for prayer
…for the privilege to pray for family
…for corporate worship
…for corporate prayer

…for the love of my life
…for surprise flowers
…and a surprise date
…and time together all in one weekend
…for family time and Triple Yahtzee

…for the gifts that rain in abundance
…for the Father who knows me
…and loves me even with my weaknesses
…and quickly forgives 
…and guides even when wonder where the guidance is

care to join us and count your gifts from Above?

Categories 1000 Gifts, education transition, faith, family, gratitude, marriage

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