surrendering the barbs… day 10

Barbs. You know, those words that people speak that tend to stick. These are not the light-as-a-feather positive comments that people say. Instead, these are the words that seem to be wrapped in velcro. As the words enter your mind, the barbs stick right into your heart. Often, I struggle with the barbs that are stuck in my heart. It’s hard for me to forget them.
Yesterday was a day! Seriously, our fall colors are vibrant here and yesterday was a clear and warm 80* day. Not only was it a beautiful morning, but our drive to church was pleasant as well (sorry to say it isn’t always so…). I walked into church with a light heart.
Within ten minutes of being in our church building, my heart was wearing barbs. Every
church has negative people and our fellowship is no different. Just as I can’t change this fact, I also can’t change the way some people speak to me. However, I can change the way I respond.
During our music worship time I was really struggling. Thoughts of what had been said to me
filled my mind. I felt hurt and defeated. Gently, I felt the Holy Spirit remind me that I could allow those words to stick by continuing to rehearse that earlier conversation in my mind or I could surrender the barbs… refusing to let them stick.
Surrendering not only released the barbs but moved me out of the briar patch… the rest of the church service was incredible!

Categories 31 Days of Surrender, faith

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