surrendering the season… day 11

Life changes. People come and go, and seasons never last.

I borrowed this quote from the facebook wall of my friend, Makayli.  At 16, she is wise beyond her years.  

Throughout a beautiful autumn, I am struggling with the changing of seasons.  Not the change of the calendar seasons… from summer to fall to winter… but, instead, the change of life seasons.

I look at this picture taken just two years ago at the end of summer on the shores of Lake Michigan and I mourn the loss of that season.   Not only was it the end of summer but it was also the end of childhood for my two oldest.  They’ve now morphed into teenagers… need I say more?

For about 15 months, I have been mourning the loss of that childhood more than I realized.  I missed those kids… especially that carefree boy.  I also found myself missing the little one in the picture.  Somehow she became a big kid when I wasn’t looking.  

Just recently, I’ve realized how much time I wasted mourning for what no longer exists.  Instead of surrendering the season to memories and embracing this new season, I was pining for the days gone by.  Funny thing, though, when I realized the days in my memory don’t really look like reality.

Life changes… seasons never last.  Wise words from a teenager.  

Categories 31 Days of Surrender, faith, parenting

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