surrendering the mess… day 19

The Messiah takes our mess
and turns it into a message of hope.
~Lysa TerKeurst

A mess can be a message?  Of hope?!  My mess?? … only when I surrender it to His care.

I am really good at messes.  Good enough, in fact, some may call it a gift.  I make messes out of just about anything, at any time, anywhere.   Only, it’s not a gift.   It’s messy… slimy… grimy.

I have messes in my life that I hope no one ever sees.  I hope those who have seen have long forgotten.  I live with the fear that someone, some day will uncover the messes and have a party with the mess… the slime.. the grime… all at my expense.

When Lysa walked on that stage last weekend in Fort Wayne and said these very words, I took hope.  Hope in a Savior, my Messiah, who can take a mess and make a message of hope to others.  I sat and listened to a woman who has completely surrendered her mess to her Messiah and has a message of Hope.  I watched, with leaky eyes, as woman after woman responded to her invitation to surrender to the Messiah.  

Lysa’s mess didn’t look messy… slimy… grimy to me.  I saw hope… love… joy.  I want that hope… that love… that joy in my life.  Rather than live in fear that someone will uncover my messes, I need to let Someone heal my messes.

Will I let my mess define me or refine me?

I need to surrender my mess to my Messiah and let Him turn it into a message of hope.

Categories 31 Days of Surrender, faith, hope

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