the end or the beginning?… day 29

This blogging journey of 31 Days of Surrender is coming to an end… two more days of October, two more days to compete the 31 day challenge.

I jumped into this challenge, at the last minute, wondering how anyone would ever be able to write daily posts for an entire month all on the same subject.  All I knew is that I was being prompted to try this… and that surrender was the topic.

Surrender has never come easy to me.  I fight… a lot.  However, in this journey of living a surrendered life, I’m learning that freedom is in the surrender… joy is in the journey… and a life surrendered is a life used for His glory.

This month of 31 Days of Surrender has been a month of life lessons taught to my heart by my Rabbi Teacher.  There have been things I thought I would certainly write about and things that I have been hesitant to mention.  Somewhere along the way, though, I think I even surrendered this challenge.  I found Him directing my words and posts.  I felt Him leading me when and what to write.  I followed Him as He taught me.  He’s been gentle and kind and taught me through humor and heartache.  I’m learning that it is not a 31 day kind of lesson… its a life long journey of daily surrendering all that I have to Him.

Monday won’t be the end of the journey for me… instead, it will be the beginning of surrendering the rest of my life.

Categories 31 Days of Surrender, faith, surrender

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