the {heart} of worship… gratitude

I’m joining in with the Multitude Monday gratitude keepers on Wednesday… if you don’t mind, I’d like to pretend its Monday for a few moments… ; )

It has been a crazy week.  Not bad, necessarily, just kind of hectic and different than what I had planned.  Funny, my weeks are usually different than what I plan.  Sometimes good… sometimes not so good… sometimes down-right bad… but always different.

Yesterday, was one of those picture perfect days that makes Michigan a great tourist state. Sixty-five degrees and lots of sunshine reflecting off of the remaining yellow, gold, red and brown leaves.  It was stunning.  

I was blessed to spend the day with my parents.  We laughed… we talked and we prayed while we waited for another heart cath for my dad.  And, after a stent, my mom and I left him resting and journeyed the 65 miles back to their home.  

For 70 minutes, Mom and I talked gratitude and the difference reading 1000 Gifts and counting gifts has made in our lives… and how all of life is grace… even a heart stent.  We counted gifts as we marveled on the goodness of God in the land of the living.  

Isn’t gratitude what is truly at the heart of worship?  Can we truly worship and praise Him without saying THANK YOU… THANK YOU… THANK YOU???  

for out of the abundance of the heart
his mouth speaks
Luke 6:45 (NKJV)

If everything is grace… if everything is a gift… then my heart must say THANK YOU a million times and more.  What greater gift can I give Him than to praise and worship with a {heart} of gratitude?

On this Multitude Wednesday {smile} my list grows…

… for His severe mercies
… which are new every morning
… His faithfulness
… His goodness
… His grace

… gifts all around
… incredible nurses
… a doctor who truly cares
… a very competent medical facility
… a yummy turkey and provolone on pretzel bread for lunch

… time with my parents because each minute is a gift
… laughter, the best medicine
… peace which passes all understanding
… being upheld in prayer
… gratitude discussions

… warm November day
… sunshine
… noticing beautiful deer in an afternoon field
… the warm palate of remaining fall colors
… a misty sunrise

… coming home
… the four who couldn’t wait to see me
… dinner made by the 8 and 12 year olds
… sitting around the table praying for Papa
… rest

… an inexpensive community pool
… time together as a family
… slow and quiet lap swims
… the refreshing feel of a pool of warm water
… the giggles and somersaults 

… a life of “watch me, Mom”
… the “hey, you’re home” greeting that really said “Hi Mom, I missed you!”
… the confession of “I was worried Mom”
… late night family Bible time
… warm snuggles and tired bodies

… and much MUCH more…

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3 thoughts on “the {heart} of worship… gratitude

  1. Your website update is lovely, your article is beautiful. 🙂

  2. This moved me deep… *Thank you*The heart of worship — is always a heart of gratitude. All's grace,Ann

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