seeing the pregnant moments…

pregnant… gives these synonyms… 
abundant, anticipating, expectant, fruitful

No, I am not.  Instead, I’m learning that moments are.  Bits of time swollen with the fruit of God’s grace.   Rarely, do I even look around the mound to see the treasure within.

Yesterday, time slowed for a few hours.  Three sisters in Christ gathered ’round a little Yorkie swollen and laboring.  While children ran in and out and played around, we had the front row seat.  We came to see birth.. we came to see 3 brand spankin’ new puppies.  

We three friends, who usually lament we need to get together, sat and talked some and prayed some more.  We gathered together around the Throne of Grace and upheld each other and laid down our pain.  With tears, we prayed for ourselves, for each other and for others.

 For where two or three have gathered together in My name, 
I am there in their midst.
Matthew 18:20 (NASB)

The moment was not pregnant with the birth of puppies… those came in the middle of the night without an audience.  Instead, this slow moving swollen time birthed grace… mercy… love… joy and acceptance in our presence…

…because He was present in the swollen moment.
Categories faith, friendship

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