{virtual coffee} and some random thoughts…

Some mornings, I don’t need a cup of java to pry open my eyes.  Then… there are mornings like today.  Mmmmmm…. Guatemalan coffee with cream brulee… maybe need 2 today.  

So, as I’m sitting her in a fog (quite literally, if you were to look out my window), I’m joining Amy again for some {virtual coffee}.  I must say, this is sooooo much more fun now that I’m a big girl and drink the real stuff….

Have I mentioned the fog?  I thought for. sure. there would be a fog delay this morning.  What’s a fog delay, you ask?  Well, here in the land of 100 lakes (not quite Minnesota, but our Indiana county does have over 100 lakes) we experience FOG.  So, on foggy mornings, like today, our local school district usually calls a 2 hour delay to give the sun time to burn the fog off…. usually, but not today.  Sleeping in today would have been a nice treat…….

Since we are enjoying our coffee, I will NOT tell you about Emme’s toe and the Dr. visit we have this morning (yes, in the fog…..).  Ummm…. for whatever reason, her toe is severely infected.  This is one of those bad mom moments.  Two weeks ago, the Nurse (aka my man) told me we should probably take her to the Dr since it wasn’t healing and I was supposed to make a Dr appointment on Monday.  Well, Monday turned into Tuesday and I was with my dad while he got another heart stent, and well, Emme’s toe just didn’t seem that important.  Because she’s 12, I don’t usually go around checking her feet and I completely forgot about the toe until Sunday when I saw it again.  Ewwwww……. so, I am happy to report that this Mom will redeem herself today.

I’ve been wanting to write a random post all weekend because random is all I have right now.  I have snippets of about a dozen posts running through my head.  I want to tell you what God is doing in my mind and in my heart but I can’t string the words together yet.  I’m chin deep in NaNoWriMo  and am spending my words there at a very rapid rate (passed the 33,000 word mark last night).  God has something in store for what I’m writing, of that I’m sure.  I’m just not sure what that is.  My family and I are praying that He would do incredible things with it because we’d love to sponsor a whole slew of Compassion International children and right now our checkbook can’t sign what our hearts want to give.  So, I’m doing what I can.  I’m writing.  

I’ll leave you with a funny random… lately the mancub has been more than mean to his younger sister comparing his school with hers.  His school is our local public high school, population over 2,000.  Her school is our local Christian jr high/high school with a population of 130.  The mancub has been strutting around here thinking he is oh.so.great because he goes to the “better” school.  Whatever.  So, in a moment of shear genius, I signed him up to go to Emily’s school on Thursday for “visit day.”  I’m pulling him out of his own school to get a taste of hers.  Obviously, this may backfire on me and it may give him ammunition to use against her.  However, I really think he needs to see of that which he bashes.  Stay tuned….

Enjoy your coffee!

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2 thoughts on “{virtual coffee} and some random thoughts…

  1. oh, the fog….we have that next-door in illinois a lot, too but they never delay school for it, only bus delays. anyway– i hope the dr can take care of the infection quickly…and by the way, that is definitely something i would do. thanks for coffee this morning!

  2. I didn't realize they did fog delays – interesting. Sorry to hear about the toe, and yes, I've done the unintentional put aside to later thing too…I completely understand the wanting to do more than the checkbook allows. I also know that the Lord finds a way if it's in His will.

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