on sharing a burden…

My sister and I have commented much lately on the liberties people take when talking about one another.  Seems to me, that when we were kids {you know… a 100 years ago… or at least in the 70s} people were more apt to mind their own business {or beeswax as we said in elementary school}.  There were certain subjects such as politics and religion that were considered off limits to gossip.   It was okay to disagree on those subjects without slandering each other.

What has happened in the past 30-40 years?  Especially in churches?  We act as if the world is entitled to our opinion.   More than that… we are quick to give our own opinion as the only opinion that is the right opinion.  We have become slanders, gossips and backbiters.  We say incredibly hurtful things as if we have an innate right to do so.   The worst part… it seems to be Christians who do this to one another.

This week, I read a news article and my heart was saddened.  Nine and half years ago, my husband, my son, my daughter, my parents and I buried our stillborn son.  I lost him at 16 weeks.  I was in my second trimester.  I found out when I went for a routine office appointment.  I laid on a gurney while the ultrasound showed our very still son whose heart no longer beat deep within me.  We named him Matthew Eli.  We buried him… complete with a memorial stone.  We grieved long and hard.   My heart has been saddened for the Duggar family.  I know that kind of pain.

My heart has also been saddened at the comments that I have heard Christians say concerning the Duggars and the recent miscarriage that Michelle has experienced.  I cannot believe the hurtful and ugly things that have been said.  Mostly, I cannot believe that other people have made this sad time in the Duggar family their own business.  I cannot believe that suffering through a miscarriage is not off limits to gossip.

Today I read Megan at Millions of Miles and my heart smiled.  If you have a moment, please read.  Her words articulate what I am trying to say.  She says it beautifully. 

More than anything, please pray for the Duggar family.

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