what if…

What if?  I think I know the answer…  I would be changed from the inside out.  Every. single. thing would take on a new luster and I would take on a new joy. 

I am quick to forget though.   He is faithful to remind me.  This morning this cartoon was on the wall of a facebook friend.  This is how I want to be every. single. day.

Continuing to count with the gratitude community on this Multitude Monday…

… a warm house
… love inside
… my big bathtub
… snuggling with a warm puppy
… a girl big enough to make her own teacher treats and clean up afterward

… coffee with Sweet Italian Cream
… smaller jeans
… learning to cast down idols
… forgiveness
… His faithfulness

… coming home to a rousing game of Monopoly
… the creativity of my friend Kari
… her servant’s heart
… the sharing of her talent
… friendship

… family Bible time
… hearing the prayers of my children
… the glimpses of maturity I see
… Advent traditions
… that the almost 15 year old still participates

… learning to embrace more by living less each Advent
… the thrill of my 3 E’s servant hearts this beginning day of Toy Time
… answered prayer
… upcoming Christmas break
… the promise of family coming

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