running over myself…

Each new year, I commit to doing less and being more.  I even drop out of things that are fun and good for the greater good of savoring the days that make up my life, my children’s lives.   Each January I do this… and even though the days of each year look different, the years seem to be the same… crazy, chaotic and taxing.

I think I have good intentions… I just fail at the follow through.  So, because He knows me best, loves me most and can intervene at His will, He sometimes allows things to happen that purposely slllooooowwwwwww me down.  

For instance…

Bet you want to know about that one, huh? Let’s just say, when one jumps out of one’s vehicle in one’s driveway to catch a run-away trash can, one should always put one’s vehicle in park.  Especially, in case of one’s belt loop catching on the door bolt and one not being able to reach the brake pedal.  One should do this always.  Every.single.time.

That scratch has been my reminder for a few days to sllloooooowwwwwwww down.  No, I was not speeding when that happened.  In fact, I’m not sure the truck was moving more than 10 mph.  It’s just that my brain was moving in hyperdrive trying to remember all that things I needed to do, the places I need to be, all the things I wanted to accomplish on that day.  In my haste, I forgot basic survival skills… such as, always put your vehicle in park before you attempt to exit it.  Thankfully, He intervened before I ran myself over.

There are times in my haste in life that I do run myself over.  I run myself ragged trying to please Him, others, myself.  In my haste, I make waste.  I waste the moments that make up my days by spinning out of control.  I waste the days that He gives me by trying to do to do too much.  The amount of time I have wasted has added up to years of my life spent running for naught.

The amazing part?  Often what causes me to run myself over is good stuff.  This slight mishap happened last Thursday… just after helping to serve lunch to the faculty and staff at Emme’s school… as I was going home to host Bible study… before I went back to the toy drive.  All good things.  Just too many of them.

Sometimes it’s too much of good things that causes me to run over myself.  

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