how to make a snowman…

It was a brownish greenish Christmas… definitely not the white Christmas I always hope for.   Of course, tomorrow the forecast calls for 4-7 inches of that lovely white stuff that I {heart} much!

Ellen and I figured out how to make adorable snowmen without any snow on the ground.  We went and bought several containers of Mentos gum and peeled the labels off.   We saved the gum for later…

After taking the labels off, Ellen gave each snowman its eyes, mouth and buttons with black puff paint and an orange carrot nose with orange paint.

After the paint dried, she dressed each snowman with a scarf made from ribbon or yarn and a pom-pom for their hat.

She gave these as gifts to her friends for their small keepsakes.  While her friends really liked their homemade snowman, Ellen’s friend, Mallory, wondered why Ellen didn’t just leave the gum inside.  

I guess next time we make snowmen, we will be sure to leave the gum intact!

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1 thought on “how to make a snowman…

  1. Love this! We wanted to something similar but had not bottles/jars with which to work. Same here about no snow on Christmas but we are supposed to get 3-6 inches tonight- and it's already working on it!Have a great beginning of the week 🙂

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