beware of the random post…

You are about to enter a very random post… 
you may want to walk away…

we woke up to this hanging off 
our roof this morning..
I actually opened a living room window 
and removed the screen to take this picture
much to the chagrin of the boy.
I don’t know what bothered him more…
the cold air coming in
or that his mother was hanging out the window.

this still just cracks me up!
What looks like Rapture left-overs is
actually a very carefully laid plan.
This is what the 8 year olds bedroom floor
looked like Wednesday night.  She laid
her clothes out for homeschool co-op the next morning
in the exact way she would wear them….
funny girl!

beauty for $3.99 at Aldi.
The male cashier asked me if I was purchasing those
for myself or someone else.
I told him for my marriage…
I enjoy them immensely 
and it gets my husband off the hook.

this is what’s for dinner tonight.
The idea of a turkey stuffed with a duck and a hen
has always intrigued me.
Though not a rockbottom price,
the clearance tag convinced Chad to try it
and he convinced me.  
The best part?
We’re taking it to a spontaneous get-together tonight.
Should make for some great discussion!

this is how we spend snow days!
I’m wrapped up in this blanket 
looking down at Ebony at my feet.
I should be writing, folding laundry, doing dishes
or doing a million other things.
Love this blanket, by the way!
Dad bought it to wrap Chad’s Christmas gift
and it’s now used every day in 
the living room.

this is the first idea
for the book cover…
not crazy about it and have 
been brainstorming with my photography friend,
she is uber talented and I can’t wait 
to see it all come together!

I’ve started the sequel
and I thought a snow day 
would be the PERFECT day to write…
I even fell asleep last night dreaming
of writing all day long.
Let’s just say…
not so much…

I’m under the red blanket
blogging a hideously random post…
and apparently,
you did not head the warning.
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