tasting the quiet…

It’s just me and the dog at home…  for 24 hours now.  It’s still and quiet and slightly weird.

Another migraine left me at home while the rest went to see Mama and Papa.  I’m torn.  Shouldn’t I be the one to go to my parent’s home?  And, yet, I love that they are my man’s parents now too and he goes without me.  

I love that my dad is willing to take my mancub alongside and teach him some skills… helping Eric complete a woodworking 4H project.  Time together in Papa’s shop is so much more than learning how to sand and plane and build a table.  The time is the gift, the lesson is the whipped cream and cherry on top.

I love that my girls are scrapbooking with their grandmother today.  I love that I am not there to make sure everyone is on their best behavior… sharing scissors and not fighting over stickers.  My mother raised four children… she is quite accomplished at handling sibling rivalry.  And, amazingly, there is probably little fighting going on in Grandma’s presence.

Yesterday, they left me tucked into bed in a very dark and quiet room.  I was too sick to miss them… today I miss them immensely.  I frittered minutes away this morning doing laundry, dishes, etc.  feeling slightly discombobulated… missing the noise and chaos, their companionship and love.  

Finally, a cup of tea and honey and a phone conversation with a friend and I get it.  I taste it.  I taste the sweetness of the honey and taste the sweetness of this time.  I remember the younger me… the one with crying babies and toddlers at my feet wishing for just a few moments of quiet.  I remember the last week me… driving all around town hurrying here and there and not tasting the coffee that I inhaled.   I remember the yesterday me… so very sick.  Wishing for just a moment’s peace from a pounding head and upset stomach.  

All of me wishing for some peace and quiet and when the peace and quiet comes, I don’t immerse myself in it and taste it for what it is.  

Taste and see that the LORD is good;
   blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
Psalm 34:8 (NIV)

So… in the still and quiet and slightly weird, I taste what my soul has often longed for.   Sticky and sweet and yummy, much like the honey in my tea, it tastes ohhh so good!  And, for this moment, this brief blip on my timeline, I am thankfully tasting the quiet and counting it as a gift of goodness from my LORD.

On this Multitude Monday… I continue to count with the gratitude community at Ann‘s.  

… for peace and quiet
… for only a residual headache
… for my personal nurse who cares more deeply than I often realize
… for dark
… for sleep

… for a dad who wants to teach his grandson
… for greater lessons learned
… for time with Grandma
… for parents who love my man almost as much as I do (sometimes more…)
… for the love my man has for them

… for the sweetness of honey and the warm steam of tea
… for my kindred spirit who is my own Nurse Practitioner and the care she gives me
… for answered prayer
… for friendships that span years and memories

… for beta readers
… for her willingness to say yes! and I’m praying for you!
… for His guidance
… for words
… for direction

… for grace
…. and mercy
… and new mercies every morning

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