12 weeks later…

Twelve weeks ago…. I went to ExtraOrdinary Women 2011 and was changed.  

Eleven weeks ago… I read this and was changed more.  Gathered around the table in the candlelight of our weekly Sabbath celebration, Eric read Ann’s words to us about Compassion International and Jonathan on the banks of the Amazon.   I shared with those I love the most about Ewomen, and Ann, and Lois.  We prayed.  Emme prayed….

Lord, please help my mom write a book 
so she can sell it and we can 
help support a Compassion International kid.
In Jesus’ name, Amen

I wrote.  I prayed.  I asked my kids to continue to pray.  I kept going with this experiment.  And, I was changed more.

Four weeks ago, I wrote an email and asked for permission and she said yes!

This changed me… much.  

He taught me… much.

…twelve weeks later, it’s published…. at the Amazon Kindle Store or Smashwords.

Categories book, faith, gratitude, writing

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