in awe… again…

It seems as if the last few years have brought some new weather phenomena to our little sleepy town… or maybe I’m finally growing up enough to notice things happening outside the walls of me… or maybe both.  Either way, I love the way God brings about weather and shows His power through it.

We’ve had thundersnow {which is the absolute BEST of both worlds!}, a couple of inches of snow when it’s been 36*, and twice in the past 30 hours… freezing fog.  


It also seems as if the past few weeks have brought me a new love for God and His Word.  I have had a deep love for Scripture for a long time.  However, my sinful self’s love ebbs and flows.  I wish it were deep and abiding.  I wish I didn’t go days without opening my Bible… or days looking for it.   I want to always be in awe of God’s Word.  I’m not.

So, I pray… especially on the days I can’t even find my Bible.  I ask for Him to renew me… to give me a hunger for His Word… to make my heart crave it… to be in awe… again.

He is always, always, always faithful… again.

He showed me this in Job, and I laughed out loud… 

At this also my heart trembles,
and leaps from it’s place.
Listen closely to the thunder of His voice,
and the rumbling that goes out from His mouth.
Under the whole heaven He lets it loose,
and His lightening to the ends of the earth….
God thunders with His voice wondrously
doing great things which we cannot comprehend.
For to the snow He says, “Fall on the earth,”
and to the downpour and the rain, “Be strong.”

…this is me.  My heart trembles and my pulse quickens when I see the strength of my God played out in weather.  I get excited over thunderstorms and giddy over snow.  Who knew that Job’s friend, Elihu felt the same way?

I’m joining in again with the gratitude community at Ann’s, counting gifts on this gorgeous foggy Monday morning…

… the beauty of weather
… the way the fog crystalizes on the trees
… the light of the sun shining through
… that His light burns off the fog in my heart
… unexpected snow

… for 15 years with my mancub
… for him wanting to spend the day with his dad
… for a girls day while they were gone
… for a quiet evening at home to watch the big game
… for family Bible reading

… for answered prayer
… for headaches that send me to the Throne
… for His healing and mercy

… for funds for Chad and Emme’s trip
… for a girl who made “treats in a jar” all weekend
… for the gift of hard work
… and for the ownership that comes with it

… for a morning that he can sleep in
… for free wi/fi
… for daily lessons
… for knowing I have been carried through 

… for phone calls with my dad
… his laughter
… sharing in the joy of grandson antics
… for the “I love you” that comes at the end

… for the times we are a united front
… for the lessening times that we are not
… for face time
… for kids big enough to leave at home in search of face time

… for lunch with new friends
… for the ongoing joy of LEGOs
… for the friend who took an hour to brainstorm with me
… for the years of friendship

… for a day to run away
… the laughter of women
… seeing her smile and laugh and know that He answers prayer!
… knowing that there is always joy in the morning

… for a God who blows me away
… answers my prayer
… and gives me laughter

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