post Valentine gift for you…

This is what being intentional looked like yesterday… intentionally saying I love you fourteen different ways.

Amazingly, the thought came to me while I was writing yesterday’s post.  My initial heart response was…”I don’t have the time for that!” … why?!?  Why is that ALWAYS my first heart response.  

Reality?  Writing four lists took me about 20 minutes… not much time to invest in these I love.

Sometimes I wonder if the surprises are from him… or are they from HIM in disguise?   Just when I write my heart and essentially swear off the materialism of Valentine’s Day… he comes home with these… and I smile and say thank you and thank YOU for grace and mercy, and for HIM putting me in my place.

Today, I marvel much over grace gifts… the many gifts that come my way day in and day out.  The many answers to spoken and unspoken prayer. Most specifically, the answers to the prayer of the Mom’s heart that says… give me mercy, give me grace, help me endure the days he’s home recovering.

Instead of endure… I have enjoyed!  Gifts of sweet time and sweeter conversations.  A few moments to sit by and immerse myself in this moment before it’s gone.   All too soon, he will be back in the adventure of life and we will be running here and there.  Soon, too, he will be off on his own life adventure.   So… I sit and I soak it in… this time with the one I can hardly call man-cub anymore.

…and, I offer you this gift…

… just $.99 at Amazon or Smashwords.  

…happy belated LOVE day!
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