coffee on a snowy day…

Joining in with Amy for {virtual coffee} again… Amy thanks for hosting this each Tuesday.  It gives a name to my random posts. 

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, I’m sure we would talk about the snow.  Beautiful snow fell in the dark hours this morning.  Just wet enough to stick to everything and just enough to cover the ground.  It’ll rain later and turn it all back into mud, but for now, I’m loving on it!

I laugh at how many local people say to me things like… “If you had to drive in snow every day, you wouldn’t like it…” or “If snow interrupted your schedule, you wouldn’t like it…”  I guess I laugh, because, folks, we do live in Northern Indiana.  This isn’t Michigan, Wisconsin or Minnesota which see snow by the foot, but we do get snow.  It’s what happens in the winter months around these parts.  Driving Eric to school this morning took 40 minutes round trip.  His school is only 4.5 miles away.  I loved every minute of the trip.  The early gray dawn and the stark white accents on all the skeleton trees was just gorgeous.  It was obvious at the long lines and slow moving vehicles that not everyone was enjoying the drive.  It was those same long lines and hesitant drivers that made the trip so long.  I still enjoyed it!

Right now, I’m laughing with the not-so-little-one.  She’s controlling the remote this morning and stopped at the Today Show.  We’re watching some fashionista show Ann Curry the latest spring fashions… neon, neon, neon and skinny ties.  Can anyone say 1985?  I should have saved all of my high school clothing….

Speaking of high school… I spent my weekend working with them trying to get Eric back into his PE class.  Seriously, how many parents fight for PE?  Why did it have to be a fight?  In the end, I think we have a resolution for Eric to do a modified PE curriculum while his elbow heals.  At least, I hope so… if not, I’ll be back in the office…. they’ve already labeled me as the anxious mom, so I might as well act like it.  

Many have been asking how book sales are going.   It’s slow and it’s good.  God knows.  Others have asked if the sequel is done.  Honestly, I haven’t worked much on it.  I’ve been working on getting the Bible studies I wrote a few years ago reformatted for eBooks.  It’s a bit of a slow process because I really don’t like doing it.  Hopefully, I will get back to writing soon. 

Well… once again, I’ve talked so much my coffee is cold.  I still need to take a shower, start school with Ellen and go to the grocery store.  Guess I’d better move on to the rest of my day.

Thanks for the quick visit and for listening to my randomness.  Care to join in and share a cup of coffee and your thoughts with us?

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