heart grit…

Writing and practicing today with the community at gypsymama.  We write for five minutes on one common theme.  No worries about misspellings, grammar or incomplete thoughts.  Just writing for writing’s sake.   Today’s theme?  



Grit… sometimes it’s the grime on my counter or the mud on my floor.  Other times it’s the ring around my bathtub or the stuck on toothpaste in the sink.  Unless I get the broom, the rag, or the sponge, those things seem to grow and multiply until the house is a wreck.  

But what about the grit in my heart and the grime in my soul?  The stuff that sneaks in and takes up residence… the bad attitude, anger, disappointment, envy, jealousy, self-righteousness, etc.  Much like my own home, if I don’t clean it out, it seems to grow.  

Lately, it seems as if mothering and motherhood has shown me the grit in my heart.  In the eye roll, the sass, the deep sigh, I hear my children echoing their mother’s attitude.  It stinks in my own heart.  It stinks, even more, when I hear it in theirs.

Time to clean out the grit.

… care to join in?

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2 thoughts on “heart grit…

  1. Oh yes, I see the grit in my children and me too…we are singing the fruits of the spirit and learning about them in my house…notice I say we! May your family and mine and accept a good God scrubbing with joy…oh that is hard to do. Visiting from Gypsy mama

  2. Thank you for stopping by! I also meant to say that the Mrs. Potato Head cartoon is hilarious!! I love that kind of humor.

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