on a healing Monday…

After another migraine weekend, this sunrise looked amazing to me this morning.  Saturday and yesterday I did all I could to avoid the brightness of the sun’s rays.  Today, I wanted to stand on my deck with open arms and say “welcome, sun!”  For fear of my neighbor’s reactions, I simply snapped some quick pics.

Healing does that to me… I seem to appreciate things much more after I have had to avoid them for a while.

Speaking of healing… the boy seems to be healing marvelously.  His splint is now quite loose…

Mom… I can look down it
and see all the way to the incision

…oh joy!  

He starts his “modified PE” today… which really just means riding a stationary bicycle.  But, it counts and that is what matters!

On this sunny Monday, I continue counting with the gratitude community at Ann’s.  Care to join us?

For these and so much more, all I can say is “thanks God!”

… for clear thinking
… and clearer vision
… and a man who goes out of his way to buy me more medicine
… for the advice of those who care
… for big kids who can make dinner, do dishes and do laundry

… for healing for the man-cub
… to catch glimpses of his heart
… to see him play with little ones
… for Aunt Susy and Truman’s “heal soon!” card and the smile A. Susy’s artwork brought

…for an invitation to pie, which lead to dinner and wii fun
… friendships
… laughter
… joy

… a new phone!
… a man who went out of his way to find me one that takes great pics

… being a team of two with him
… being married to one who lives gentleness

… for a new day
… and mercies that are new every morning!

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3 thoughts on “on a healing Monday…

  1. oh, the sunrise… so beautiful. And after days of not feeling well, all the more. Lovely joys 🙂

  2. Isn't it amazing how God can take what often feels like the lowest points in our lives, and use them to grow us, to make us feel and appreciate so much more the wonders he has gifted us with in this world? What a blessing it is to be healed 🙂

  3. Oh, I hate migrains. I can't function when they roar their nasty selfs…in my head. I bet today literally was a breath of fresh air!

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