5 minute Friday…ache…

On Friday’s, we gather at the gypsy mama to write.  We write for five minutes flat on one shared topic.  

We write because we love words, love stringing them together, and love to read each other’s words.  We don’t worry about grammar and such things as spelling or punctuation.  We just have fun.  

Today’s topic… ache.  Care to join in?



I see him look down at the floor, the chair, his sleeve… anywhere but in the eyes that probe.  

“If God were to come to you in a dream, like He did to Solomon, what would you ask for?”

He asked each one of our children this question.  He, who is their daddy, looked at each one and said, “What would you ask of God?”

The biggest one… the one that is rapidly approaching 6’2″ quietly replied, “discernment.”

The Mom in me scoffed internally.  I thought it was a cop-out answer.  One where the 15 year old forgot to do his homework and so he replied with the first thing that came to his mind.  Maybe it was… maybe it wasn’t.  Either way, it was his answer.

“Why?” I asked, gently.  Another life lesson in learning to be more of a spiritual responder and less of an emotional reactor.  When the word left my lips, even I was surprised at the gentle tone and friendly inflection.  Wow!  Apparently, an old dog can learn new tricks and even more apparent to me, God is changing me.

“I would like to know more of the direction of my life,” was the quiet reply.  

…in that quiet moment, the ache settled deep in my sarcastic heart.  The ache that might just be inherent to every single mother out there… the ache that reminds me that I cannot fix everything for this boy I love the most.   

It is the ache that reminds me to be on my knees before the Throne… for the rest of his life.


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4 thoughts on “5 minute Friday…ache…

  1. Beautiful post!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh yes…I am so thankful God never gives up on us…this old dog is still learning…to take the ache to our knee…not our mouths…and yes…the rest of His life…those who are out…married…I must be more quiet and more prayerful…thanks for this post…blessings~

  3. what a sweet little moment!!

  4. wow. soooooo good. and so awesome that you learned how good of a mother you are in that moment. I doubt most teenage boys would respond that way. That was Gods way of saying "You are doing a good job" You have a son who desires to know God's will for his life…that is so awesome and a testament to a praying mom! "and God granted Solomon all that he asked" I pray that for your son and you..blessings

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