with a side of light cream…

Yep… it’s my second post today.  Mostly ‘cuz I have a lot of random thoughts swirling above and it’s Tuesday… which means it’s {virtual coffee} with Amy!!  So here’s a much lighter post than the last few… lighter is better!

So… let’s chat over some coffee or tea on this beautiful Tuesday.  Mine’s iced with maple syrup and a little milk… ran out of half and half yesterday.  What I wouldn’t do for a little cream this morning…. mmmm… 

Yes, you read that right.  Maple syrup in my coffee.  I think it’s my new love.  I wouldn’t have tried it though, if I hadn’t given up coffee creamer.  I had a serious love affair with coffee creamer… after weeks and weeks of migraines and severe headaches, though, I started to take inventory of what I was consuming.  Over the past 10 years, I have slowly {read at at snail’s pace… obviously, since this has been in the works for a decade, huh?} changed my eating habits.  So, anymore, there really isn’t much that isn’t good for me… except coffee creamer.  So, on a whim Saturday, I poured my java down the drain, gave away the remainder of my coffee creamer, and poured myself a new cup with maple syrup… OH YEAH!  I’m in love again… I may need to find something a little less expensive though….

Speaking of maple syrup, we didn’t tap our trees this year because they started to bud early.  Amazingly, we were all kind of bummed, until my friend, Angie, called and said they had more sap than they knew what to do with and would I like some?  Yes ma’am!  So, Ellen and I trekked sap home and in the end got over a gallon of syrup!!

Maple syrup and my screen door, those are the things that make me think spring.  Sunday my screen door came back!  LOVE!!  Isn’t he a great guy?   The really funny thing… see that hair?  About an hour after I took this picture, it was all gone.  He’s back to a shaved head… another sign of warmer weather.

‘k… just have to say… I don’t like DST!!  Why is it we have to go back to being dark when I take Emme to school?  I just want to come home and crawl right back under the covers… yesterday, I did! ; )

Speaking of kids, the mancub goes back to the doctor today.  The boy’s a little concerned.  He cannot extend his arm… not because of pain, because it won’t go there.  So, we’ll see what the one with more knowledge than us has to say.  So far, though, it hasn’t slowed him down much.  He was playing back yard football yesterday… just catch and release but for him, it’s better than nothing.

I really wish we were sitting across from one another today.  I’m having a hard time getting motivated to do anything.  Mostly I want to find a hands-on book {as opposed to ebook}, a blanket and head outside!  Since we haven’t started school in these parts yet… it was a beautiful morning delay… maybe we’ll take school outside the walls of this house.

So… what would you tell me if we were really playing hooky from school over coffee?  What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

Join in!

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2 thoughts on “with a side of light cream…

  1. What a lovely, chatty post!! can you send some maple syrup over here (the UK) – we ran out at the weekend – none for my french toast :(i wouldn't put it in my coffee, tho' – no sweetness in there for me!!we thought it was spring over here… then it turned damp and foggy *sigh*thanks so much for coffee 🙂 x

  2. Maple syrup with coffee, I am going to have to try that! What a brilliant idea! I'm sorry to hear about your son's arm, I hope they are able to figure out what is going on. Thanks for the coffee!

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