You Are Already Amazing… a DaySpring review

Sometimes you can judge a book from its cover… 
or at least in the mind of an 8 year-old.  

It was Ellen who opened the box with the latest book for me to review inside, and it was Ellen who said, “I like this book!”  without having read a single word.  

Sometimes you get pulled into a book from its cover and its title.

…and, sometimes, you open that book with it’s engaging title
 and amazing cover,
 and you realize you are sitting with a friend over a cup of coffee.

Holley Gerth is that friend, and You Are Already Amazing is that book.

With sweet words and deep understanding, Holley addresses the issue most of us women face… a hard time accepting that we truly are amazing.  We tend to see ourselves as less than someone else through comparing ourselves to others and who we think they are.  We often see ourselves as less than them as we change diapers, clean toilets, and tackle the endless mountain of laundry facing us.

Not only does Holley tell us that we are amazing because of Who created us, she reminds us that He has an unique plan for each of us.  We are not called to be anything other than what He has equipped us to be.

Using her experience as a personal coach, Holley gives thought provoking questions to help each of us understand our strengths, weaknesses, and our unique gifts.  Understanding who we are is the key to discovering what makes us amazing.

At the end of her book, Holley has also included discussion questions for individuals and groups to study deeper… to go a little further.

Sometimes you realize that there is some wisdom in an 8 year-olds words, when she says “I like this book!”

You Are Already Amazing is available through major retailers or through DaySpring, as well as an entire new collection of coordinating gifts.

***disclaimer… I received this free book through my affiliation with DaySpring, I received no other compensation.

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