it’s my birthday… giveaway and another freebie

Well… it’s really NOT my birthday… just yet.  Soon.  Very soon… as in Sunday, soon…

…so, in honor of yet another year of age and all that hoopla that goes with it, I’ve decided, after 3 years of blogging, to offer my first EVER giveway!  

…this is a wall art sticker that my almost 13 year old gave me for Christmas this year.  I love it!  It hangs above my tub and reminds me daily that everyday is a gift.

I like this wall art sticker so much, that I went, after Christmas, and purchased one to give away.  I have been waiting for the perfect time to do a giveaway and realized that a birthday deserves a gift, right?  

Between now… and my birthday {Sunday}…  I’m hosting my first ever blogger giveaway.  And, on Sunday, I will have Emme help me randomly draw one winner for their own wall art reminder that EVERYDAY IS A GIFT!

You can get one entry for…
… leaving me a comment here telling me your favorite gift
… following this blog
… leaving me a message on facebook

and for a bonus entry worth 2!! …

…incidentally, today truly is the birthday of my blogging friend, Heidi.  Not only do we share the same name but Heidi is just five days older than I am.  Click over and wish her a very happy day and earn 2 entries for the giveaway {just come back here and leave a comment letting me know that you did}. 


and for all… another freebie… the first five chapters of The Secret of Counting Gifts… enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “it’s my birthday… giveaway and another freebie

  1. My favorite gift consist of a group of special people of which you were the first born! Love you!

  2. My favorite gift is books. Anytime. 🙂

  3. Wished Heidi a happy birthday. 😀 And your blog (and now Heidi's, too) is in my Google reader.

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