courage, creativity… and giants

I’m learning courage, and how to be brave… at all but 43 years old, I have much to learn.  

I’m not good at the whole being brave thing.  I’d rather stick my head in the sand blissfully than to stick it out courageously.   Most days, I’d rather hide within these walls with these four I love the most and just be.  For years, I blissfully lived this way… until, a stirring began and flamed into a fire in my heart.  A fire to be a writer. 

Then I read, and Emily says, “create art that matters.”  She’s talked for so long about creating art and being brave and stepping out courageously that I believe her.  I read and I think I can do these things… creativity and courage.

I listen to Ann… the one who has inspired me much.  She tells me to get out of my comfort zone…. because when you have experienced Grace, you cannot not tell.

I read, I listen, I hear, I see… and, yet… I fear the giants…

They gave Moses this account: “We went into the land to 
which you sent us, and it does flow with milk and honey! 
Here is its fruit. But the people who live there are powerful, 
and the cities are fortified and very large.
Numbers 13:27-18

I wander into our local Christian bookstore, yesterday, on a quest for birthday gifts.  I stand and wait while she rings up gift cards and take a deep breath…
“…do you ever stock independently published books by local authors?”
a sweet smile, a query to the manager followed by a gracious “no.”  and then a whisper… 
“is this a book you have written?”
I slipped her a business card with title and link and notice Jen and her new release staring at me.

I fear these giants… the ones whose books stare back at me while I quietly slip a mere business card with a link to an eBook.   

I smile dejectedly, trying to hide.  Ellen skips out of the store and into the sunshine with her smoothie and her smile.  Me?  I just try to escape. 

My enemy pounces…

…who do you think you are?
…this land is inhabited by incredible giants, go home.
…give up

Through the chatter of my girl and the sunshine on my face, I hear the whisper…

The first lesson in learning how to be brave?… 
stop listening to the father of lies

I am the Way,
and the Life

seek Truth

be strong and courageous
for I am on your side.


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2 thoughts on “courage, creativity… and giants

  1. Prating. . .keep on being brave!

  2. I believe that the reason there have been rejections is because your writing is very good and is being used by God. Satan does not like that and is trying to discourage you. Don't give up, you are gifted by God!!!

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