a great gift…

Who would have thought it?

Swimming in the lake
on April 1…

no joke…
no April Fool’s

just a great gift
of cousin fun

on April 1
in Michigan!

and a great campfire
to end a wonderful day

Counting gifts on this beautiful spring morning with the gratitude community at Ann’s…

the list never stops…


… for an incredible spring
… for splashes
… and giggles
… and deep belly laughs
… for “watch this, Grandma!”  

… for the lake that remains year after year
… for the memories that run deep
… for brats over the campfire
… for the call of the loon

… for the encouragement of other authors
… for good books
… for time to read
… for campfire conversations

… for the friends willing to take our dog on short notice
… for car conversations to deliver a child
… for a trip of a lifetime for the man-cub
… for the fact that I miss him

… for the man who loves my family as much as I do
… for the fact that I miss him too
… for his example of working hard
… for the time he takes to raise a man

… for His faithfulness
… for the ways He loves and gifts
… for the gifts of early spring
… and cousin time

Categories 1000 Gifts, cousins, family, family pictures, gratitude

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