five minute Friday… goodbye

Linking up with the writing community at gypsy mama again for five minute Friday… that time when we write just to write…  we write on one common theme for five minutes without worry of syntax, grammar, verb tense, spelling, punctuation, and the like.  Care to join in?

Today’s topic?  … goodbye.  


A timely topic, to be sure.  In approximately 16.5 hours, I drop them off, kiss them goodbye, and drive away.  They will get on a bus and drive 3 hours the other way… to the airport… to fly to Guatemala.

I woke up this morning with my heart in a knot, again.  This time I recognize the angst for what it is.  Last year, when they left, I couldn’t articulate how I felt deep inside.  I didn’t know the words for the thrill that my man and my girl were going to serve others and the deep loneliness without them.  

Someday I will go and there will be no goodbye.  I think sooner than later, we will all go… five of us getting on a bus in the middle of the night to spend 20 hours traveling.  We will do this as a family.  

Until then, though, tonight I will kiss my man and my girl goodbye and send them on… on to serve and I will remain and pray…

… and count the days until they return eight days later.


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4 thoughts on “five minute Friday… goodbye

  1. I understand the feeling of being left behind, standing on the sidelines, waving goodbye. I do hope you get to go some day and wave goodbye to the loneliness in their going. Nice FMF.

  2. I can't wait for you to get to go. We took our girls with us to Honduras twice. What a great experience. And I think the traveling, well it is harder for the one who is home.

  3. Just beautiful! My heart feels that angst and prayer. Blessings as you watch God work through your family.

  4. as one who has gone… been sent… those goodbyes from those who release us to go and follow the Lord's will with encouraging, even if painful, grace – that is an amazing gift.blessings!

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