blown-in blessings

Happy Winds-day!

It’s windy… a hold-on-to-your-hat day or a Pooh-hold-on-to-Piglet Winds-day… around these parts.  

Sometimes I feel God’s presence much in the same manner than Piglet felt the wind of Winds-day.  I feel as if I am holding on for dear life as He swirls above and below me… rocking my world.  I think I fear the wind less as I experience it.  I’m learning that He has me and He is trustworthy.  He will never let go!

I also think I’m finally learning to look around in the wind to see the blessings blowing in. Just as He never lets go… He never stops blessing!

Joining in with Ann and the gratitude community to count blessings… grace gifts… again this week.

My gratitude list continues..

… for conversation with the one who rarely opens up
… for long car rides
… for a day visit to Mama and Papa
… for special one on one time with each
… for a dad who takes a son alongside to teach

… for a safe journey to Guatemala
… for modern technology that keeps us in touch
… for another trip for these two that I love deeply
… for the opportunity to use their gifts

… for a chance to be part of something greater yesterday
… for friends who loan things like tablecloths and cake plates
… for other friends who come alongside
… for the privilege of seeing those I’ve prayed for smile again

… for providence and protection through the storms
… for rain that renews
… for wind that reminds

… for wisdom shared by my sister
… and long phone conversations
… for laughter

… for He who blows through my life
… for His protection
… for His provision
… for His blessings

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4 thoughts on “blown-in blessings

  1. so i saw your thumbnail (huge pooh fan!) over at Ann's and had to come look, and realized i've stopped in before. lovely list today!trusting your loved ones are having an amazing God-filled time in guatemala!

  2. Wonderful week of gifts!

  3. I love a good long car ride! Protection through storms… YES! Laughter is such a great gift! 🙂

  4. Thanks for posting this. I needed to "hear" your words today. I've been out of the blogging/blog reading scene for too long and I think my "happening" upon this post was God-inspired, and no mere

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