growth spurt…

The doctor told him, last week, that he was probably done growing.  At 6’2″ and 15 years of age, he may only get one more inch of height.  

He was disappointed.

What he doesn’t know, is that, really… the doctor doesn’t know.  While it is true that this doctor has seen the inside (quite literally) of Eric’s elbow and knows from first hand experience that there is no growth plate left… it is equally true that this doctor is making an educated guess.  Much more educated than my guess, I might add.

I tried to tell Eric this… 
I highly doubt that he believes me.  

I should have told him that he would grow in other ways… 
but, maybe he already knew that.

While he may be close to finished growing physically, he’s doing an amazing amount of spiritual growing lately…  just about the time that this mom thought he had settled comfortably in a stagnant pond of mediocrity.

This one… that 6’2″ 15 year old I mentioned… he shot up a few spiritual inches this week.  I’ve been praying for years that my children would experience God in ways that they recognize Him for Who He is.  I’ve prayed that God would be gracious and merciful and reveal Himself to them in ways that their own individual maturity could recognize.  I’ve prayed that He would move in their hearts and they would know Him.

Though he has known Jesus for most of his life…

he now knows Him deeper…
he knows what it’s like to feel the Spirit move within…
he’s felt the Wind stir…
he’s obeyed the Voice, wondering…
and he’s experienced the tears of joy that bubble up…
when you know you’re part of something much greater than you

…just when this mom thought he was comfortably floating along, he gave his Bible away… to a friend in need.

…a spiritual growth spurt
of a tall 15 year old
and an answer 
to this mom’s prayers.

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1 thought on “growth spurt…

  1. So happy your prayers are being answered! :)My 15 year old isn't even 6' yet!

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