when someone believed in me…

My heart is full of gratitude because someone believes in me… 

…and in this pipe dream I have.

Sometimes we go through life chasing shadows and pipe dreams… sometimes we share those dreams with others and other times we chase them alone.  

When a dream is a group effort we spur one another on… encouraging and exhorting, praying and praising… a community dream becomes a community effort, and no one person takes all the credit or all the blame.  

Then, there are the times we go it alone… and the road gets lonely… there’s no traffic in sight.  Those are the times it’s easiest to give up on the dream… we convince ourselves its time to grow up, give up the dream and return to reality.

What happens though when someone else believes in the dream?  I wonder… how many pipe dreams could have become the new reality if someone else would have met the dreamer where they were and walked a bit of the journey with them?  Would they have encouraged them enough to stay in the chase?  To not give up?  To not give in?

This journey of authorship didn’t begin when my fingers typed words on the computer screen, nor did it end when I clicked “publish.”  Instead, it’s an ongoing journey… one that I feel as if I’m forging as I go… so often in over my head and gurgling as the waves wash over me.  I know it’s a God-sized dream and I desperately lack the God-size faith to see it through.

…then He moves.

He brings along someone who says “because I believe in you, I want to invest in you” handing me money to move forward with printed copies of The Secret of Counting Gifts.  Print-on-demand copies available through major retailers… a real-live-hold-in-your-hands-and-turn-the-pages kind of book… with my name on it…

…because someone believed in me.

And… all I can do is say “THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!” and continue chasing the dream.


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