YES, Ma’am… you are amazing!

Do you know that you are amazing?

Yes… YOU!
and YOU…
and me…

we are all amazing!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a middle-aged mom.  I’ve invested fifteen years into my offspring, eighteen years into my teammate.  I’ve done more loads of laundry than the sum total of the population of the state of Indiana… and I’ve probably done more dishes than that.   I’ve homeschooled for a decade and I changed diapers for almost that many years.  And, I’ve fallen into bed exhausted night after night wondering if I managed to accomplish anything in my day.

For all this time, mothering is how I’ve defined myself.  It’s where I found my spot in this world and it fulfilled a deep need in me that I didn’t even know existed.

What do I do now?

What do you do when your family needs you less and less?  
What do you do when you’re no longer sure of your place because your place is fading?  What do you do when you find yourself a middle-aged mom 
whose children need her less and less?

Instead of putting myself out to pasture, I want to encourage you… and you… and me.  Though we may be middle-aged mothers with increasingly independent children, we are still amazing women.  We have been created in the image of the Creator with specific gifts and abilities personally designed for each of us.

Take a moment this weekend as your family celebrates you (and if they don’t celebrate you, call me and I will!).  Look at what you’ve done!  You are an expert in managing, multi-tasking, event planning, transporting, training, educating, task completing, and the list goes on and on.  You had “real-life” training… you excelled… you have much to offer… you are the expert!

Join me this weekend in celebrating our accomplishments as Middle-Aged Amazing Moms (MA’AM)… YES, Ma’am… you are amazing!

I’d love a comment hearing of 
what makes you amazing…

joining with my sister
and the community at 
imperfect prose

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