when you know you are loved…

I often forget.  I get caught up… caught up in the the things of this world that don’t matter and I forget those that do.  I get wrapped up in the worries of life… trying desperately to please people and I forget those who are already pleased.  I find myself struggling… attempting to make sense of the pain and disappointment of this journey and forgetting the joy that sits before me.

Sometimes I need to be reminded.  I need the reminder that I am loved… I am cherished… I am adored… by four.  And, if there were only four, that would be enough.  However, I am blessed much more than that.

I’m learning… learning to take the gifts set before me.  To take a day of rest… to park the taxi in the garage and take up a book instead.  I’m learning to set my book aside… to pick up The Boxcar Children instead.  I’m learning to rest… to take myself to bed early, if need be, so that I can be a better wife, mother, and friend.

I’m learning… anew… that I am loved by those who matter most.


joining in with the gratitude community again this week… counting the gifts that grace my days with a heart of gratitude…

for these things and many more, I am grateful…

… for Sabbath rest
… for a garage
… for finding incredible books to read at my favorite library

… for a new mug
… and Guatemalan coffee in it
…. with creme brulee creamer

… for the not so little one who still wants me to read Boxcar Children books to her
… for back rubs from smallish hands
… for giggles

… for sibling love
… for the calm of her daddy
… for protection
… for his hand and wisdom to put her back together again

… for a day as a family
… for the joy of being together
… knowing my family wants to be with me

… for the peace of knowing a mother is celebrating in heaven
… for prayer for her family
… for a celebration of her life yesterday

… for a God who always sees
… and always knows
… and never fails to love completely

what gifts has He bestowed on you this week?
join us in counting 1000 gifts and beyond!

Categories 1000 Gifts, faith, family, gratitude, marriage

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