to be on the team… priceless!

Meet Michael Hyatt…. former CEO of Thomas Nelson, currently a mega-blogger, best-selling author, sought after speaker, intentional leader, and amazing mentor, to me and 99 others.

Two weeks ago, Michael chose 100+ professionals from almost 750 applicants to review his soon-to-be released book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.  Our name?  The Platform Launch Team. Our professions?  Authors, publishers, speakers, bloggers, pastors, ministry workers, small business owners. Our job?  To review Platform, glean wisdom from one of the industry’s best, encourage and interact with one another in our virtual community, and to share our view of the book with others (coming soon!).

To buy Michael’s book for yourself… on sale now for $13.63 (hold off until next week for 7 free bonuses)

To hear Michael speak at SCORRE Conference next year…  $1397 (save $100 and register now).

 To be on the Platform Launch team… PRICELESS!

I’m humbled and grateful to serve on this team of amazing individuals!

7 thoughts on “to be on the team… priceless!

  1. Love being on the team with you! I know I’ve got a lot to learn and I’m thankful to learn from folks like you and others on the team and especially thankful for Michael’s ‘How To’ book. Amazing stuff. Mark

  2. Awesome Heidi! I love the lay out and couldn’t agree with you more this has been an awesome, sleepless, priceless WOW opportunity. So excited to be a part of a team with you and the rest of the gang.

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