we’re moving…

… with thankful hearts… is moving!  

Much like real life, this is a process.  Imagine boxes partially unpacked, things not yet moved, and finding forgotten items under the recliner.  I’m in that process… only virtually.  No boxes clutter my living room but I’m still partially unpacking, still moving things and still finding forgotten items buried.  

I’m moving over to wordpress… www.heidikreider.com and I hope you’ll come with me.  When all is said and done, all of this blog will reside there.  As well as new posts, reviews, thoughts and pictures.  This blog here will become a stagnant pond out in the wide expanse of cyberspace with no new water moving through and nothing going on.

Instead of titling this “I’m moving,” I chose to say “we” because I hope you’ll come too!  It’s kinda like bringing your best friends with you to when you move to your new neighborhood. 

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