when you need to hear someone say… yes! you can!

It never fails to surprise what my children choose to ask me for permission to do.  For instance…

“Mom, can I have something to eat?”

“Mom, can I go to the bathroom?”

“Mom, can I clean my room?

At which point, I usually nod in the affirmative and chuckle to myself.  Though my children know the answer I will give, they ask anyway.  They long to hear someone say…

“Yes! You can!”

Sometimes, God uses my children to be a mirror to my heart.  I think He allows Eric, Emily, or Ellen to ask me ridiculous questions like these because my own heart asks equally ridiculous questions of Him…

“Do you know I don’t know how to do this?”

“Do you promise that I can do this with Your help?”

“Do you know this is my dream?”

I ask these questions of my God, for the same reason my children ask the easy questions of me… I desperately long to hear someone say…

Yes!  You can!

Sometimes, the longing is so great, that even at 43, I still pick up the phone to ask the ridiculous question of…

“Mom, can I can do this?”

I imagine her nodding her head as she says…

“Yes!  You can!”

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