remembering to say… thank You!

So often I pray in “emergency mode”… begging God for His provision, His protection, His blessing.  In that moment, petitioning God is forefront in my mind.  I pray without ceasing… or least until the next thing comes along and I’m distracted once again.

Three months ago, I found myself praying fervently during a 3 hour surgery… and I prayed in “emergency mode.”

God, that is my son in there!

God, guide the doctor’s hand.

God, please protect.

He protected, He healed, and today, 3 months later, Eric was totally released from the orthopedic doctor’s care… and, I almost forgot to say “thank You!”

What if I really learned to give thanksgiving in “emergency mode”?  What if I gave thanks for His provision, His protection, His blessings ALL the time?  What if I gratitude was forefront in my mind and I gave thanks without ceasing?

What if I didn’t need to remember to say “thank You” because thanksgiving was always on my lips?

I question in the “what if?” because this is how I want to live.  I want to pray without ceasing and to give thanks without ceasing.  I want gratitude to be on my lips… so I don’t forget to say “thank You!”

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2 thoughts on “remembering to say… thank You!

  1. Great post. Have you read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp? It is so good. Looking forward to reading your book. I just downloaded it!

    1. WOW! Thanks for getting my book. Yes.. I’m a huge fan of Ann. In fact, you will find her influence all over the book I wrote. ; )

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