thoughts on overheating…

beep…beeep…. beeeeppp… ENGINE OVERHEATING… beeeeppp… beeep… beep

Not necessarily the sound you want your truck to make when you are in the drive-thru of McDonald’s getting a snack for the one you are picking up from football conditioning practice.


“where are you?”

“in McDonald’s parking lot with a very hot truck and your snack”

Thankfully, my hero rode up in a grey pickup and after adding anti-freeze and water, traded trucks with me and went to get the hot, hungry, and tired boy.

My truck requires fluids to keep running well.  If I pay attention and replenish when the fluid gets low, I don’t get stuck in a hot McDonald’s parking lot with the hood raised on a hot truck.  I’m thrilled to say that, at least this time, I paid attention to the incessant warning bell and stopped the truck before I blew a head gasket.

Today was a reminder, for me, that I function in much the same way.  I require refreshment and refueling.  Often, though, I don’t pay attention to the warning signs, I just plow ahead trying to get it all done… to be everything to everyone… to meet the ridiculous standard I set for myself… to succeed and not fail.  In my pursuit of ridiculousness, I often blow a gasket… or two.

I’m learning to seize the moments that refresh… refuel… and relax.  Sometimes I seize a moment by letting something else go.  Other times, I simply go with the flow.

And, when the flow is a spontaneous invitation for pizza and pool…

… I chose to let the computer go t0 seize the moment with my family and my camera… a wise move!

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